The ™BIGFISH coaching method has proven to support ambitious people reach their goals, whether this meant growing as a leader, taking the next step in their career, expanding their SME business, increasing influence or finding more balance and satisfaction in work and life

“I now resist stress and pressure differently (better)”

“I have learned new things about myself and how this impacts others and my own effectiveness”

“I would definitely recommend coaching to a friend or colleague

“Coaching allowed me to move from strategic and operational leadership to inspirational leadership”

“Not only me, but everyone around me benefits from my increased ability to influence”

“I now feel more comfortable in my role and my management style has evolved”

“Coaching helped me to structurally get out of my own behavioural and thought patterns imprinted in my DNA since many years”

“The team now has my confidence and I demonstrate more seniority towards my leaders”

“Coaching allowed me to set the right priorities and maintain focus building my business”

“I’ve successfully learned to free up time for more strategic thinking”

“This focus allowed me to better challenge the status quo, step out of my comfort zone and make some beneficial changes in my leadership behavior”

“I am now able to be more present in the business while giving more accountability and more oxygen to my organization”

“Having an increased impact allows for a much more improved efficient way of working”

“Thanks to better delegation skills I have more time to focus on the performance and development of my team”

“As a result of the coaching I am more self-assured and less anxious to take faster decisions”

“With the help of my coach, I have made significant progress in making the changes needed to improve my leadership”

“Coaching supported me to become a more self-assured leader: compelling communication, balanced reflection, efficient decision taking, increased impact”

“When adequate I am able to take more distance and successfully balance my circles of responsibility and influence”

“Through my coaching I was able to create more awareness about my role within projects and increase my executive presence and impact at all levels in the organization”

“One of the better investments you’ll make”

“As a coach Sofie is flexible in her approach whilst holding you fully accountable in the process and helping you to develop a more mature regard on yourself”

“Very skilled, sharp, open, and honest”

“Based on her experience, charm and psychological insights, she pinpoints exactly where the shoe pinches and what basic restrictions or beliefs are limiting her client from optimal functioning”

“Positive, reliable and result-oriented”

“She is refreshing in her straight-forward approach and highly intelligent in her reasoning”

“Confrontation during coaching is not always easy but it definitely helped me to accelerate on my development”

“Her experience, enthousiasm, personality and coaching style allows for any subject to be touched”

“Sofie has a keen eye on cultural differences in communication and management styles”

“Even if the week had been packed with difficult topics and the time the coaching takes would have been welcome as extra time it always felt as the right decision”

“Sofie is intelligent, decisive and professional in her coaching approach”

“Her openness and correctness as well as her passion and drive to move you forward makes the investment more than worthwile”

“What I really appreciated about my coach was her style and commitment to me”

“Sofie succeeds in bringing up the right triggers, she mirrors in a clear and non-judgemental way that allows you to open up your thinking process for lasting changes”

“She challenges and motivates at the same time”

“With an outspoking result orientation, she successfully combines the overarching goals of the sponsoring organization with strong confidentiality in her one on one work with the manager”

“Sessions are very intense and come very close, but they always energized me”

“Sofie has provided me with insights in where my behavior comes from, but more importantly she has coached me on how to do things differently on a daily basis and delivered the right tools to continue to grow”

“The match with my coach was perfect during the entire trajectory”

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