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Personal Coaching

Why Personal coaching?

Most of us keep rowing the boat, no matter what. With responsibilities weighing heavily on our shoulders. We dream about looking forward, but the past holds us back. We dream about a better future, but get stuck in surviving the day ahead. We dream about creating the best version of ourselves, but are in fact long glad we haven’t lost most of our own identity by now

Whatever your question is, related to work, life, career, stress, relationships, working with a coach can give you the right handles to move forward. We make sure your heart and head contribute equally to making the right choices and decisions again

So that you can start to enjoy the view again. Live and/or work with more fun, peace of mind and a feeling of overall happiness

Individual coaching via Zoom or face to face
Starting from 30′ / 95 EUR per month (tax excl)
Packages available

What to expect?

Your Coach provides a number of specific support that will serve your process of growth:

  • Support and challenge “self diagnosis”
  • Link goal to future challenges / opportunities
  • Iteratively clarify the benefits of change
  • Help select relevant stakeholders
  • Behavioral Goal Setting
  • Distinguish objectives/ends from the actions/means
  • Plan for Action
  • Help identify and tap hidden resources/assets
  • Define success
  • (Identify success measures)
  • Behavioral Rehearsal
  • Push the schedule
  • Help construct specific, actionable suggestions
  • Check against Do’s/Don’ts (Encouraging Development)
  • Increase the focus
  • Accelerate the execution
  • After Action Assessments