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Executive, Business, Personal

At we support successful individuals and teams all over the world in becoming even more successful

Often the real quest is not only finding more success, but finding more fulfillment and satisfisfaction. Therefore it is my personal mission to help ambitious people balance their heart and mind to find the success, fulfillment and happiness they desire in their career, business and life



Owner of



klein DP kleur (10)Executive Coaching (individual)

If you want to take the next step in your corporate career or already have achieved success and want to further develop one or more (personal) leadership behaviours such as creating more impact, stakeholder management or demonstrating more seniority in your leadership

Leadership Team CoachingExecutive Leadership Team Coaching

If you want to change stubborn individual and team patterns to create more Trust, Confidence and Solidarity whilst using the full potential of your (global) Leadership Team, knowing that a changing world demands for a change in leadership perspective

Business CoachingBusiness Coaching
If you are looking to take your SME business to the next level
EvdL zw (6)Personal Coaching
If personal issues are standing in the way of you reaching your goals. For everyone in a period of transition and/or reorientation (work or life)