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International Executive Coaching works with ambitious people that wish to take their career and/or life to the next level


  • You have achieved success and want to further develop one or more leadership behaviours
  • Personal or leadership issues are currently standing in the way of you reaching your goals
  • You are in a period of transition and/or reorientation (work or life)
  • You are a C(-1) level executive in search of an honest and objective soundboard
  • You are based abroad (or always traveling) though looking for a Dutch/Flemish speaking coach


If one or more of the above is recognizable to you, and you want to unlock your true potential and create the life and/or career you desire, click further below to see if you qualify for a no fee strategic consult


Ben jij er bij op 23 mei? #sheforshe
Voor vrouwen met ambitie

Genoeg gezeurd over meer vrouwen aan de top




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What clients say …

  • “Not only me, but everyone around me benefits from my increased ability to influence”
  • “I now feel more comfortable in my role and my management style has evolved”
  • “I’ve successfully learned to free up time for more strategic thinking”
  • “I am now able to be more present in the business while giving more accountability and more oxygen to my organization”
  • “I now resist stress and pressure differently (better)”
  • “Thanks to better delegation skills I have more time to focus on the performance and development of my team”
  • “Through my coaching I was able to create more awareness about my role within projects and increase my executive presence and impact at all levels in the organization”


What we do …

1. Solving management issues

When personal / leadership issues are standing in the way of efficiency: we touch on the executives individual career and personal life issues but the outcome is always linked back to the overarching goal of the sponsoring organization

2. Preparing for transition

Enhance maximum performance: prepare your high-potential mid level manager for transition to C-level or anticipate for possible future positions

3. Objective external soundboard

Coaching at the highest level: by challenging, reflecting or maybe in saying just those things you don’t want to hear or nobody else dares saying

4. Personal & Business Coaching

Online (video call or call), starting from 30′ per month

Coaching offer 2018


Executive coaching programs
Business Boys Conduct Interview in Office

1-1, stakeholder centered, with company alignment. Executive level or high potential. Contact me for a detailed view on the coaching process or book a free strategy session

(Click on the picture for more information on what to expect)

Leaders for Tomorrow

Stakeholder centered coaching for management teams, with focus on the individual leadership growth potential. Tailor made. Contact me for a detailed view on the coaching process or book a free strategy session

Per hour

Personal/business coaching, (board) advisory, hiring advice, HR consulting and company projects. Contact me or book a free strategy session


For information, strategy sessions and pricing, contact me: