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Business Coaching

  • Enable yourself to Lead your business more effectively through positive behavior change
  • Gain confidentiality, Confidence and a Positive outlook
  • Make use of a straightforward approach that does not require significant amounts of time
  • Take ownership of the areas of focus for improvement by yourself

Where focus goes, energy flows (Tony Robbins) via @BF4_me #catchyourbigfish

We will be working with Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Success Formula as a framework to grow your business:

  • Know your outcome (be specific, smart goalsetting)
  • Understand your why (create leverage for change)
  • Take massive action (no action, no result)
  • Measure and celebrate progress (know what you are getting)
  • Change what does not work (in stead of questioning your goal each time)

Business coaching via Zoom or face to face
Starting from 60′ / 157 EUR per month (tax excl)
Packages availabl