Most successful executives today have a good intellectual understanding of the various management tools required to lead an organization successfully. But experience has shown that the same behaviors that contribute to initial career success often do not guarantee future leadership success

The ™BIGFISH coaching method has been influenced by ™Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach, in line with which we are working with stakeholders to help highly successful people make a positive long-term change in their (leadership) behaviour using a methodology that is highly effective and time efficient

An executive Coaching challenges, offers new perspectives and supports the development of ones performance. During the Coaching we touch on the Executive’s individual career and even personal life issues but the outcome is always linked back to the overarching goal of the sponsoring Organization. Under the condition of clear upfront agreements, the Executive’s Manager and other Stakeholders can be involved to ensure a maximum ROI

Guaranteed and Measurable (Leadership) Growth – Enabling to lead your team and business more effectively through positive behavior change – Sustained, recognized and acknowledged by all key Stakeholders – Confidentiality, Confidence and a Positive outlook – A straightforward approach that does not require significant amounts of time – A focus on changing (Leadership) behaviors and Perceptions of behavior – Consistent delivery by an experienced Coach who understands how to relate to Senior Executives – Ownership and guidance of the areas of focus for improvement by the person(s) being coached

Your coach

Support and challenge “self diagnosis”
Link goal to future challenges / opportunities
Iteratively clarify the benefits of change
Help select relevant stakeholders
Behavioral Goal Setting
Distinguish objectives/ends from the actions/means
Plan for ActionHelp identify and tap hidden resources/assets
Define success (Identify success measures)
Behavioral Rehearsal
Push the schedule
Help construct specific, actionable suggestions
Check against Do’s/Don’ts
Encouraging Development
Increase the focus
Accelerate the executionAfter
Action Assessments…


Improve your Ability to Relate to others
Build Trust with Stakeholders
Improve your Communication skills
Work on your Executive Presence
Drive Cultural Change
Improve your Ability to Influence
Be more Self-Confident
Improve your Ability to Lead others
Delegate more Effectively
Deal timely with Performance Problems
Improve your Ability to Decide
Empower your Direct Reports
Improve your Assertiveness
Improve your Conflict Management skills
Manage Diversity
Making the right career choices
Improving work-life balance

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