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Cor-Jan Bruggeman

“My mission is to help unleash the full potential of Executive Leaders, their Leadership Team and the entire organization, whilst creating a ‘secure base’ for themselves and for others”

  • Originally focused on hard skills, now embracing the soft aspects of the organisation (such as diversity, cultural change, growth & shrinkage)
  • Sensitivity and empathy
  • Observing situations, teams, work environments fairly quickly
  • Driven by the actual safety in teams (secure bases)
  • Tracing the “truth” (authenticity) within people, teams and the organization
  • Creating space for self-reflection to enable continuous (personal) growth


Wilma de Gier

“My mission is to have people live their most beautiful, expanded self and life”

  • Getting the sting exposed and eliminated
  • Sensitivity, empathy and patience
  • Knowing the secret of happiness
  • Bringing out patterns and reframe them on a deeper level
  • Not afraid of heavy emotions
  • No judgment, big hearted person

Wilma personal coach

Karolien Koolhof

“My mission is to create more mutual understanding between introverts and extroverts”

  • Good listener
  • Analytical
  • Open minded
  • Sensitive and patient
  • Comes up with original solutions
  • Knows how to get you out of your comfort zone

Karolien Koolhof_BW

Sofie Varrewaere

“It is my mission to help ambitious people all over the world balance their heart and mind to find success, fulfillment and happiness in their career, business and life”

  • Not impressed by ego nor title
  • 6th sense, heart-centered, committed
  • Have people look in the mirror with more honesty than ever
  • Practical, structured and straight-forward in my approach
  • Result-oriënted (biggest strength and biggest pitfall all at once)
  • Keen eye for cultural differences in communication and management styles
  • Can think BIG

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