Reading time: 3 minutes   One of the main reasons I chose to be certified as a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered coach is that I was looking for a way to not only get my clients to achieve the results and change in Leadership growth they wanted to achieve but to make sure that their… Continue reading THE POWER OF FEED-FORWARD


3 tips to make a visible change in your Leadership behavior Reading time: 2 minutes   As an executive Coach, I work with (already successful) Leaders that want to become (even) more successful. By changing their Leadership behavior. By skipping some of the Leadership don’ts. By adding some of the Leadership do’s. All leading to… Continue reading PERCEPTION IS REALITY


Reading time : 4 minutes   I guess most of us have been stabbed in the back at work at least once. Not literally. Have you? The problem is that you don’t see it coming. Logically. You don’t expect it to happen. Not from this person. So it hurts. A week ago, I got the… Continue reading STABBED IN THE BACK.