Dare to stop to look forward for a minute. Stop rowing your boat and get out your fishing gear if you want to. Lean back for just a minute. Enjoy the view. See how far you’ve come. Make a plan, not a survival strategy but an ambitious plan for a fulfilling life. What would you… Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY


Reading time: 2 minutes Thinking time: that's entirely up to you ;) Funny thing how the maximum speed limit in the Netherlands came down from 130 to 100 kilometers per hour during the day just as the Covid-19 virus obliged pretty much the whole world to slow down in all aspects as well. It is… Continue reading SLOWING DOWN OR SPEEDING UP?


Reading time (in minutes): 2 Thinking time (in minutes): At least 5 "If you want other consequences, you simply need to make a different choice" - Credits to Charles "Why aren't you writing anymore?" I was asked lately. "I always loved reading your blogs and posts." I can't say it took me by surprise, because… Continue reading FOCUS