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The ™BIGFISH coaching method has proven to support successful leaders reach their goals, whether this meant growing as a leader, taking the next step in their career, increasing influence or finding more balance and satisfaction in work and life


  • “Coaching allowed me to move from strategic and operational leadership to inspirational leadership”
  • “Not only me, but everyone around me benefits from my increased ability to influence”
  • “I now feel more comfortable in my role and my management style has evolved”
  • “Coaching helped me to structurally get out of my own behavioural and thought patterns imprinted in my DNA since many years”
  • “My coach? Very skilled, sharp, open, and honest”
  • “The team now has my confidence and I demonstrate more seniority towards my leaders”
  • “I’ve successfully learned to free up time for more strategic thinking”
  • “I am now able to be more present in the business while giving more accountability and more oxygen to my organization”
  • “Having an increased impact allows for a much more improved efficient way of working”
  • “The match with my coach was perfect during the entire trajectory”
  • “I now resist stress and pressure differently (better)”
  • “I have learned new things about myself and how this impacts others and my own effectiveness”
  • “Confrontation during coaching is not always easy but it definitely helped me to accelerate on my development”
  • “Thanks to better delegation skills I have more time to focus on the performance and development of my team”
  • “As a result of the coaching I am more self-assured and less anxious to take faster decisions”
  • “Even if the week had been packed with difficult topics and the time the coaching takes would have been welcome as extra time it always felt as the right decision”
  • “With the help of my coach, I have made significant progress in making the changes needed to improve my leadership”
  • “Coaching supported me to become a more self-assured leader: compelling communication, balanced reflection, efficient decision taking, increased impact”
  • “What I really appreciated about my coach was her style and commitment to me”
  • “When adequate I am able to take more distance and successfully balance my circles of responsibility and influence”
  • “Through my coaching I was able to create more awareness about my role within projects and increase my executive presence and impact at all levels in the organization”
  • “Coaching has helped me to grow as a person and as a professional”
  • “Sessions are very intense and come very close, but they always energized me”
  • “Coaching provided me with different perspectives on my personality and my professional life which have helped me to put things into perspective and experience less stress”
  • “The whole process has been something that I enjoyed very much and I feel that it delivered me the right tools to continue to grow”
  • “I would definitely recommend coaching to a friend or colleague”


The ™BIGFISH coaching method has been influenced by ™Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach, in line with which we are working with stakeholders to help highly successful people make a positive long-term change in their leadership behaviour using a methodology that is highly effective and time efficient



why what how

360° view on personal barriers

initiate development action plan

stakeholder involvement & action steps

after action assessment

embed results

leader as coach


If you are serious about moving forward and you are willing to explore the possibilities the ™BIGFISH coaching method can offer you, let us schedule a 30 minute call via Skype or WebEx


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  • Guaranteed and Measurable Leadership Growth
  • Enabling to Lead and Behave more effectively through positive behavior change
  • Sustained, recognized and acknowledged by all key Stakeholders
  • Confidentiality, Confidence and a Positive outlook
  • A straightforward approach that does not require significant amounts of time
  • A focus on changing Leadership behaviors and Perceptions of behavior
  • Consistent delivery by an experienced Coach who understands how to relate to Senior Executives
  • Ownership and guidance of the areas of focus for improvement by the Leader being coached


Link to my profile as a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach