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Catch your own Big Fish

In this e-book you’ll find 10 blogs I have written in the past years. All contributing to that óne thing: catching YOUR Big Fish. I hope to challenge you, inspire you and motivate you to take the helm into your own hands. Be the CEO of your own work and life. Jump, like I did, and do trust on the saying you can build your wings on your way down. Design your own Happiness and make sure you’re not the one fighting for your own stress. Practice balancing your strengths and fill in my confidence/arrogance questionnaire for fun. Learn about the Mash-up and how to maximize your impact. And of course there is always the dealing with change. Get insights in why it is so difficult to say yes to yourself and last but not least take with you some tips to live in the moment.

In the extra chapter I share my personal story with you. If you’re struggling with your weight or working in Corporate Health, I hope to make a difference. But in the end, this e-book is not about me. So take a pen and paper, work with the questions, tips and tricks and above all: enjoy reading!