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Strategic Consult

Step 2


Good to see that you are willing to invest in yourself to unlock your true potential and create the life and/or career you desire


If you are serious about moving forward and you are willing to explore the possibilities the ™BIGFISH coaching method can offer you, let us schedule a 30 minute call via Skype or WebEx. This is what you can expect from me to serve your process of growth during the 30 minutes we will be working together :


  • I will listen to you and support and challenge your “self diagnosis”
  • I will support you in distinguishing objectives/ends from actions/means
  • I will help you identify and tap hidden resources/assets
  • Confidence and a positive outlook
  • 100% confidentiality


Interested to make a start? Click the link below and you’ll be redirected to my agenda. In preparation of our meeting, please take some time to think about your first goal setting :


  • What are the most important challenges you face today?
  • What are the benefits of change?



I am looking forward to talk to you!




A no fee consult takes place via WebEx

Important note: requested timeslots have to be confirmed by me at any time. Thank you for taking into account that I need at least one day to be able to confirm your request