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Purposeful Authentic Leadership

  • Use of your Leadership Teams’ Full Potential
  • Accomplishment of the mission, shareholder value, profit and Growth
  • More (money, leisure, success, fulfilment) with Less (costs, time, failure, energy)
  • A resilient team with use of each members’ Natural Strengths and Talents
  • Live with Fulfilment and Make Impact
  • Understand and be You(rself)
  • Sustained, recognized and acknowledged by all key Stakeholders
  • Guaranteed and Continued (Leadership) Growth

Individuals with their unique skills and competences and the way they act, determine the real strength of your Leadership Team. Authentic leadership asks for courage, vulnerability, humility and firmness. Meanwhile, a changing world demands for a change in leadership perspective. We live in an age of exponential change, a time in which every individual, business, industry and government is influenced by breakthroughs in digitization, connectivity, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and other innovative technologies. At the same time there is a lot of public pressure to heal the world and act with integrity

  • Leadership Teams up to 12
  • 8-12 months
  • Stakeholder centered
  • Face to face + online
  • Dutch – English (individual coaching also possible in French)
  • Worldwide

*For the Executive Coaching of Leadership Teams, is partnering up with 3*C

Area’s of Growth

  • Authentic Communication
  • Impeccable coordination
  • Constructive negotiation
  • Build Confidence, Solidarity & Trust
  • Drive Cultural Change
  • Deal timely with Performance Problems
  • Manage Diversity


Cor-Jan Bruggeman will be working with the Leadership Team
Sofie Varrewaere will be taking up the individual coaching