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Program & pricing

  • 6-12 months, face to face + online (worldwide)
  • Alignment sessions with n+1/HR (start/mid/end)
  • Ongoing 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Unlimited availability coach via e-mail/call/zoom (worldwide)

Your Coach provides a number of specific support that will serve your process of growth:

  • Support and challenge “self diagnosis”
  • Link goal to future challenges / opportunities
  • Iteratively clarify the benefits of change
  • Help select relevant stakeholders
  • Behavioral Goal Setting
  • Distinguish objectives/ends from the actions/means
  • Plan for Action
  • Help identify and tap hidden resources/assets
  • Define success 
(Identify success measures)
  • Behavioral Rehearsal
  • Push the schedule
  • Help construct specific, actionable suggestions
  • Check against Do’s/Don’ts (Encouraging Development)
  • Increase the focus
  • Accelerate the execution
  • After Action Assessments

Starting from 120′ / 625 EUR per month (tax excl)
Packages available