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When you move, I move. When you reach, I reach. And when you go the extra mile, I clear the way. But not a moment sooner.

Which is why before you move, reach, and go, things sometimes look so scary. 

Just like that,  
The Universe

(I got this one in my mailbox today and loved it. All credits to Worth the follow!)

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Dare to stop to look forward for a minute. Stop rowing your boat and get out your fishing gear if you want to. Lean back for just a minute. Enjoy the view. See how far you’ve come. Make a plan, not a survival strategy but an ambitious plan for a fulfilling life. What would you do if you could not fail? What is really important to you? Which choices would you make? What do you need to reach those goals? How are you going to invest your time and energy?

Think about it
You are worth it

-- Sofie

# Permanent link to THOUGHT OF THE DAY


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