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Business Coaching

When you are looking 
for a seasoned business coach 
with an international perspective 
to take your SME business 
to the next level

You must have heard the quote by renowned businessman Jim Rohn before, saying you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Take a look around you. Where are they in life? Are they happy? Are they successful? Are they physically fit? Bottom line, the people around you matter so choose them wisely and consciously. Make sure they play a higher game than you do, find people you respect and look up to and know that proximity is power. Find a team that will challenge you, not only support you. Surround yourself with people that are committed to focus on constant improvement in the seven areas of their life, being the physical body, emotions and meaning, relationships, time, work and career (or better, mission), finances, and contribution. Make sure you surround yourself with people that sow the right seeds. Take a true picture of where you really are in each area of life and make sure you get into action. Think, feel and do. Get the best tools, the best guidance (game plan, map, mentor), and focus

Where focus goes, energy flows! A quote from Tony Robbins, as we will be working with his Ultimate Success Formula as a framework to grow your business:

  • Know your outcome (be specific, smart goalsetting)
  • Understand your why (create leverage for change)
  • Take massive action (no action, no result)
  • Measure and celebrate progress (know what you are getting)
  • Change what does not work (in stead of questioning your goal each time)


Are you ready to start thinking BIG? People all over the world have been inspired by the concept. Due to the online character there are no limits!


Business Coaching

Business coaching via Zoom or face to face
Starting from 60′ / 157 EUR per month (tax excl)
Packages available



What to expect?

Your Coach provides a number of specific support that will serve your process of growth:

  • Support and challenge “self diagnosis”
  • Link goal to future challenges / opportunities
  • Iteratively clarify the benefits of change
  • Help select relevant stakeholders
  • Behavioral Goal Setting
  • Distinguish objectives/ends from the actions/means
  • Plan for Action
  • Help identify and tap hidden resources/assets
  • Define success 
(Identify success measures)
  • Behavioral Rehearsal
  • Push the schedule
  • Help construct specific, actionable suggestions
  • Check against Do’s/Don’ts (Encouraging Development)
  • Increase the focus
  • Accelerate the execution
  • After Action Assessments

Client feedback


  • Enabling to Lead your business more effectively through positive behavior change
  • Confidentiality, Confidence and a Positive outlook
  • A straightforward approach that does not require significant amounts of time
  • Consistent delivery by an experienced Coach who understands how to relate to Senior Executives and Business Owners
  • Ownership and guidance of the areas of focus for improvement by yourself

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