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Summer Action 2019

See below if you are looking for intervision or mentoring for coaches


Enhance your process of growth by subscribing to one or more on- or offline sessions related to career and life, leadership, stakeholder management, work-life, personal leadership and self-reflection

What can you expect during this 1-1 session?

  • You will be listened to, supported and challenged in your self diagnosis
  • You will get a theoretical framework on your topic if relevant
  • You will be pushed to step outside your comfort zone(!)
  • You will be able to link your goal to future challenges and opportunities
  • You will set a clear and smart behavioural goal
  • You will have a good vision on the benefits of change
  • You will plan for action based on specific and actionable tips and tricks
  • You will be able to select relevant stakeholders if needed
  • You will be able to (continue to) distinguish objectives/ends from actions/means
  • You can identify and tap hidden resources/assets
  • You will define and identify your success measures
  • You will have a clear view on your triggers that make you fall back into old behaviour
  • You will no doubt make a start in letting go of what is holding you back today
  • You are able to increase the focus and accelerate execution of your plan
  • Other support: Behavioural Rehearsal, Pushing the schedule, Check against Do’s/Don’ts, After Action Assessment
  • Full confidentiality

We work online on zoom (web based video call) or face to face upon request. Duration per session is 2 hours

Whether you want to improve your ability to decide, build trust with your stakeholders, learn how to live in the moment, say goodbye to your perfectionism, find and follow your passion, deal with transition or reoriëntation, or increase your impact and influencing skills, there might be some interesting session perfectly fitted for you!

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Intervision for Coaches

For the 7th year in a row we started our monthly intervision group for coaches in September ’18. We work online (zoom) and meet every 2nd Wednesday morning of the Month (9-11am CET). We are a Dutch speaking group, very diverse in style and coaching approach, working and living all over the world

Interested to join? More information via

Mentoring for Coaches

As a coach I meet a lot of coaches that are struggling with self-confidence. “How can I coach people if I am not where I should be for myself yet?” they ask me. “How to coach someone that is higher educated, or has a better career?”

It is as if a number one tennis player is looking for a coach that plays even better than he or she does. Not only impossible. Not even the best option if you ask me

As a coach we are experts in personal and leadership development. Experts in behaviour. We don’t bring the solution, we guide people on their way to their own goals

In an answer to the questions above, I’ve founded the Academy. Mentoring coaches to bring out their best potential, for themselves and for their coaching clients. Online or face to face with a pricing adapted to your specific situation and possibilities