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Enhance your process of growth during the Summer of 2018 by subscribing to one or more of our online sessions related to career and life, leadership, stakeholder management, work-life, personal leadership and self-reflection

Whether you want to improve your ability to decide, build trust with your stakeholders, learn how to live in the moment, say goodbye to your perfectionism, find and follow your passion, deal with transition or reoriëntation, or increase your impact and influencing skills, there might be some interesting session perfectly fitted for you!



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Mentoring for Coaches


As a coach I meet a lot of coaches that are struggling with self-confidence. “How can I coach people if I am not where I should be for myself yet?” they ask me. “How to coach someone that is higher educated, or has a better career?”

It is as if a number one tennis player is looking for a coach that plays even better than he or she does. Not only impossible. Not even the best option if you ask me

As a coach we are experts in personal and leadership development. Experts in behaviour. We don’t bring the solution, we guide people on their way to their own goals

In an answer to the questions above, I’ve founded the Academy. Mentoring coaches to bring out their best potential, for themselves and for their coaching clients. Online or face to face with a pricing adapted to your specific situation and possibilities


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Email me at if you want to share your personal story with me. I would be honoured to share our thoughts

If you are an Organization exploring support for one or more of your internal coaches don’t hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to talk to you