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About Wilma


Wilma, personal coach

It's not about the circumstances 
it's about the story you are telling yourself

Working with Wilma means listening to the desires from your heart and getting aware of the patterns that are limiting you. Her coaching enables you to reframe these patterns in your subconsciousness

The consequence:

  • You living your life on your terms again
  • Enjoy every step you take in your life, career and/or relationships
  • A higher level of success and satisfaction
  • Reconnect yourself with your senses and desires
  • The acceptance that who you are is more than enough
  • Become who you already are

Personal strengths

  • Getting the sting exposed and eliminated
  • Sensitivity, empathy and patience
  • Knowing the secret of happiness
  • Bringing out patterns and reframe them on a deeper level
  • Not afraid of heavy emotions
  • No judgment, big hearted person

A selection from Wilma’s Toolbox

Rewire radical life events – Reveal Your True Identity – Emotional Consciousness – Unleash Full Potential – Personal Values – (Limiting) Beliefs – Unconditional love – Happiness – Satisfaction – NLP


Wilma: “My mission is to have people live their most beautiful, expanded self and life”


  • Awakening people, contacting them on a deeper level
  • Watching the sunrise during my morning walk
  • Luckiest when I see people reach their next levelout
  • Travelling with our ’57 VW-van
  • Spending quality time with my family & friends


Working with her full attention and full connection, her clients live from the inside instead of letting the surroundings drive them. Awareness is their key change. Desires become bigger than fears and craving appreciation. Relationships with themselves, their businesspartners, teams, family and friends are lifted to the next level

Client feedback

Key Areas of Career Expertise and Accomplishments

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Human Resources

Education and Credentials

  • Public Speaking – Public Speaker’s University London, 2018
  • Business Mastery – Tony Robbins, 2018
  • UPW – Tony Robbins, London 2018
  • Beyond NLP – Living Life, 2018
  • NLP Master Practioner – Living Life, 2016
  • NLP Practioner – Living Life, 2015
  • Management Development Traject – Olympia 2013

Professional Experience

Founder The House of Growth (2019 – …)

  • Founder of The House of Growth: a virtual platform for growth, including The Growth Academy

Coach (2018 – …)

  • Owner of Expandente: unleashing full potential and expanding lives

Sabattical (july – dec 2017)

  • Volunteer Project in Malaysia, Trips to inspire to Italy, France, Spain and Portugal

Manager, Olympia (2008 – 2017)

Guiding and managing the employees. Specific coaching and training employees, resulting in the fact that the results of the company and the employees were growing beyond expectations


Dutch English

Active Work Locations



Are you interested to talk to Wilma? Please explain in a few words what you are looking for. Can be done in English, Dutch or French. Thank you