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About Cor-Jan


Cor-Jan, executive whisperer

You can have your own key to success, 
provided you are prepared to face your truth 
and the impact of your behavior

As an executive whisperer, Cor-Jan (CJ) deploys his qualities of independent thinking, visionary and empathy to support leaders, leadership teams and entire organizations unleashing their full potential

To Cor-Jan, people are who they are and by making them aware of their behavior, understanding its origins and combining these insights with their natural talents, they can actually be who they are. This allows them to become the leader who doesn’t work harder, but oversees the entirety, makes effective decisions and provides guidance

He gives leaders the key to success based on their actual being

Before he started his own company, CJ gathered a broad international experience within Human Resources, Information Management, Audit and (European) Works Councils. At ABN AMRO, he was responsible for managing the Global Expert Team HR audit. This included the HR Services hubs in Brazil, USA, India and the Netherlands. After 11 years at ABN AMRO, he moved to RBS Banking, where he became Director – Country Executive Office in the Netherlands. Within this role, he fulfilled three main roles: chairman of the European Works Council, (vice) chairman of the Dutch Works Council and chairman of the Audit Committee of the Pension Fund RBS Netherlands

Personal strengths

  • Originally focused on hard skills, now embracing the soft aspects of the organisation (such as diversity, cultural change, growth & shrinkage)
  • Sensitivity and empathy
  • Observing situations, teams, work environments fairly quickly
  • Driven by the actual safety in teams (secure bases)
  • Tracing the “truth” (authenticity) within people, teams and the organization
  • Creating space for self-reflection to enable continuous (personal) growth

A selection from CJ’s Toolbox

Emotional Consciousness – Unleash Full Potential – Human Being Management – Behavioral and Cultural Transformation Management – (European) Works Councils – Dealing with Unions – The Converting Generator – Digital Human – Purposeful Personal Leadership Journey – The Power Game – Secure Base Leadership – Intuitive Leadership – The Power of the Unconsciousness Mind – Group Dynamics – Cultural Differences – Purpose, Mission & Vision development – Authentic Communication – No undiscussables – Feedforward routine – Impeccable Coordination (Commitments) – Mental Models – Unconditional Responsibility – Attitude of Learner – Essential Integrity – Constructive Negotiation – Personal Values – (Limiting) Beliefs – Values in Common and Shared Practices – Think-Feel-Act – The (destructive) Power of Belonging


Cor-Jan: “My mission is to help unleash the full potential of Executive Leaders, their Leadership Team and the entire organization, whilst creating a ‘secure base’ for themselves and for others”


  • Playing tennis and being the chairman of the club with ~650 members
  • Studying group dynamics and how our subconscious mind works
  • Spending quality time with his family while travelling the world
  • Luckiest when helping leaders get back to their natural core strengths so they can truly be the person they are


Working with his 3 core values: safety, authenticity and self-reflection, his clients do no longer want to be hostage of their limiting beliefs and self-image, to be truly authentic, maximizing and using their natural talents

Client feedback

Key Areas of Career Expertise and Accomplishments

  • Leadership coaching, Executive Whisperer
  • Digital Human
  • The Converting Generator
  • Emotional consciousness
  • Unleash Full Potential
  • Human Being Management
  • (Behavioural & Cultural) Transformation Management
  • (European) Works Councils
  • Secure Base Leadership
  • Information Management
  • Audit
  • Human Resources
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Dealing with Cultural Differences
  • Change management
  • Purposeful Personal Leadership Journey (as associate of the RedZebra Group)
  • The Power Game (as associate of the RedZebra Group)

Education and Credentials

  • Intuitive Leadership, Kernzaken – 2019
  • Secure Base Leadership, Quaestus Executive Leadership – 2019
  • The Power of the Unconscious, Inspira – 2018
  • Purposeful Personal Leadership, RedZebra Group – 2016
  • Pension training suitability level A, Willis Towers Watson – 2016
  • Emotional Consciousness, Parrhesian – 2015
  • Dutch Works Councils, SBI – 2010
  • Six Sigma – Green Belt, ABN AMRO – 2005
  • Master of Science in Business Administration, Nyenrode Business University – 2005
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Economics, Hogeschool Inholland / Inholland University of Applied Sciences – 1998

Professional Experience

Executive Whisperer (2019 – …)

  • 3*C – Consult | Coach | Change, Zwolle/Global, owner (2019 – …)
    Leadership programs focusing on authentic leadership and unleashing full potential
  • Purposeful and Exceptional Leadership (2019 – …)
    Global, in partnership with, supporting executive leaders to change stubborn individual and team patterns to create more Trust, Confidence and Solidarity whilst using the full potential of their (global) Leadership Team, knowing that a changing world demands for a change in leadership perspective
  • Digital Human (2019 – …), The Netherlands, in partnership with Peter Vader Trainingen, helping leaders to implement ‘human’ in digital transformations and become a secure base leader
  • The Converting Generator (2019 – …), The Netherlands, in partnership with Jan van Halst, become the leader who does not work harder, but oversees the entirety, effectively makes decisions and provides direction. Create your personal key to success
  • RedZebra Group BV, Netherlands, Associate (2019 – …)
    Purposeful Personal Leadership Journey, since 2013, hundreds of leaders have taken part in our purposeful personal leadership programs. A leadership journey where you experience your ‘purpose’, your internal compass and the barriers that you yet need to deal with. The Power Game where leaders will experience what hierarchy does to people

Sabbatical (2018)

Travelling with the family through Europe and participating in various leadership programs

Director, Royal Bank of Scotland, Amsterdam (2008 – 2017)

Several roles from Global Audit Manager – Subject Matter Expert HR Audit to Director – Country Executive Office Netherlands. In the last almost 6 years Cor-Jan was, as Chair of the European Employee Council (EEC), responsible for managing the affairs of the EEC of RBS with 24 representatives from all EEA countries and Switzerland, representing the interests of more than 70,000 employees in Europe. Guiding and managing the interest of the employees in the wind down of the global cash management business in the last 4 years, and as result closing 22 countries, reducing operations in 12 other countries and handing back 42 bank licenses. Specific coaching and training of more than 20,000 redundant employees, resulting in the fact that more than 75% (in all age categories and countries) have found a new job within one year

ABN AMRO, Amsterdam (1997 – 2008)

Human Resources Quality Management, Information Analyst, several roles within Group Audit. In the last years, as Global Audit Manager responsible for the global audit coverage of HR audits (including the payroll process and global bonus review) in cooperation with the local audit teams. This included the HR Services hubs in Brazil, USA, India and the Netherlands


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