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Thinking time: that’s entirely up to you ;)

Funny thing how the maximum speed limit in the Netherlands came down from 130 to 100 kilometers per hour during the day just as the Covid-19 virus obliged pretty much the whole world to slow down in all aspects as well. It is as if we all needed to make this humbling transition towards an attitude of having more consciousness about the impact we humans make on the existential rights of us as a species and on our planet as a whole.

Yet day after day, driving between coaching sessions, I do feel terribly annoyed that I get pushed aside now more than ever while I, well-behaved, set my cruise control to 104. People that don’t follow the rules kind of force you to stay between the trucks on the right lane unless you don’t bother having a ‘get out of my way energy’ figuratively screaming at you in your rear window. As if I don’t want to push the accelerator myself!?% Not to mention my car is much faster than most of those pushing me.

Brings us back to the eternal dilemma. Slowing down or not? Choosing only me or all of us. Or the opposite. Choosing me and my values inspite of my desire to join the fast lane myself. Guess it’s the same in work and life. How fast do you want to go? In spite of common (sense) rules and people pushing you to disobey them.

What do YOU really want?

My best friend will be laughing when reading this. She’ll say: “Don’t bother, just ride your car. Let them wait. You have as much right to be there as anyone else.”

As if it is that easy? No I’m not referring to the road.
Food for thought.

Take care and stay safe!

About me – Being a certified executive and personal coach, I am associated to the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching team and owner of the global executive coaching practice where I am working on an ambitious scale-up plan now that I’ve learned to ‘not having to do it all on my own’. Next to that I’ve co-founded in December 2018 and started working some hours a month for my old love, the Adecco Group (LHH) as well as for one of the biggest Dutch coaching practices in Amsterdam. My passions include playing my quarter grand piano and messing around with acrylic paint on large sized linen canvas. When I’m not catching some proverbial Big Fish, for now I’ve replaced the gym for my 29-er bike and I am loving it. But then again, I am still luckiest doing what I do best, challenging others and myself to perform at ‘our’ best

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