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"If you want other consequences, 
you simply need to make 
a different choice"
- Credits to Charles

“Why aren’t you writing anymore?” I was asked lately. “I always loved reading your blogs and posts.” I can’t say it took me by surprise, because it has been ages indeed since I’ve been posting here. Almost one year as I see it now. My answer on the other hand, that I have been busy writing a monthly column and several articles and interviews on personal development for a well-read magazine in Belgium and The Netherlands, and that it has been, with it’s monthly deadlines, taking up most of my writing time, didn’t feel as fulfilling as I would have wanted it to be.

The fact that we’ve, next to that, started ‘The House of Growth’ in December 2018, and that me and my fellow co-founders of this crazy ambitious start-up have been working extremely hard, to the point where we are today, with over 30 people already, with daily writings to be shared online on social media and on our growth platform, could not prevent me either from thinking that I must not forget there’s an audience here as well. An audience that is willing to learn, to be challenged, to be triggered, to develop. People that want to invest in themselves. People that have followed me from the start, or hopped on along the way.

So here I am. Loving the impact I can generate as a coach, working with so many clients simultaneously, getting close to starting up a waiting list as my calendar is fully loaded. I am honoured to be working with these beautiful souls and ambitious people, all over the world, that were looking for a sparring partner. I get to enjoy watching them moving closer to reaching their goals day after day. I feel not only proud and blessed but also challenged. And that is exactly what I am looking for. Growing and developing myself and others every day.


As I am writing the above, it makes me think about focus. Why did I stop writing here after all those years of monthly publications? It was focus. Not even a lack of. Just a different one. It was no accident. Simply a choice. You always have a choice. That is something I’ve learned thanks to Charles, who is a bit all over the place nowadays, who once told me: “make a choice, and never complain about the consequences. If you want other consequences, you simply need to make a different choice.” Simple as that.

To you, I ask the following: Where is your focus right now? Are you making the right choices in work and life? If yes, perfect. If no, are you complaining about the consequences? If no, good on you. If yes, what adjustments can you make to reach your desired outcome?

Questions? Remarks? As always, I am happy to talk to you. You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s good to be back here. Let’s catch some new Big Fishes together!

See you next month!

About me – Being a certified executive and personal coach, I am still associated to the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching team and owner of the global executive coaching practice where I am working on an ambitious scale-up plan now that I’ve learned to ‘not having to do it all on my own’. More about that following soon. Next to that I’ve co-founded in December 2018 and started working some hours a month for my old love, the Adecco Group (LHH) as well as for one of the biggest Dutch coaching practices in Amsterdam. My passions still include playing my quarter grand piano and I am determined to start messing around with acrylic paint on large sized linen canvas again soon. When I’m not catching some proverbial Big Fish, you’ll probably find me in my daily (nowadays kick-)boxing class, sweating terribly as I urgently need to lose weight again. But then again, I am still luckiest doing what I do best, challenging others and myself to perform at ‘our’ best