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Being presented a potential business opportunity one simply can’t refuse, I had my first project group meeting last week. As we – four local entrepreneurs – all came running in in a hurry and with too many thoughts and ideas on our plates, we decided to start our meeting with a short meditation. Just to see what came up in our minds and in our hearts. A moment of silence before starting anything.

Speaking only for myself here, I was so very excited for the potential, though probably to the same degree as anxious for the possible obligations that come with it. What if I say yes, I thought. That means I’ll have to stay around. And what if I lose my freedom? Or things don’t go the way I want them to?

You have to know I have been working on my very own for almost six years now. Six wonderful years of following your passion, being able to go into any direction you choose. Six years of one on one international coaching, mostly online. I have been working next to my refrigerator as well as visited the most beautiful offices one can dream of. From Shanghai to Seattle. From South-Africa to Amsterdam. From Egypt to Qatar. Free as a bird.

A free bird, but too often a lonely bird as well. A free spirit looking for connection. Interconnection without being bound. Without being limited.

Still in meditation mode I thought about the words of Anthony Robbins in London, April this year. How we all need certainty as well as uncertainty. Balance as well as imbalance. Stability as well as change. Coherence as well as me-time. Not one end of the spectrum. Nor solely the other one. A bit of both.

Five minutes of meditation. Absolutely not my idea to start with. What a great use of time that was. When sharing our thoughts afterwards I got reassured pretty fast. Four ambitious entrepreneurs in a room. All looking for that interconnection without being bound. Not one of them looking to “start all over” again. All carrying our own business brand, our own personal luggage, our own history, our own personality and our own identity.

At that time we all knew it was going to be all right. I knew I was going to be all right. Whether we proceed with this adventure or not. You are allowed to be yourself at all times. And share your enthusiasm as well as your doubts. To connect without losing your self. To say yes. Or no. Or a bit of both.

My question for you. How do you handle this need for connectedness? And this desire for stability as well as instability. Are you the free bird? The lonely bird? The “leave me alone” bird? Or the bird in the golden cage?

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Let’s fly together. At least for a while.

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Being a certified executive and personal coach, Sofie Varrewaere is associated to the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching team and owner of the global executive coaching practice As a behavioural expert she has many years of experience working with the top layer of several multinational organizations. Her passions include playing her quarter grand piano and messing around with acrylic paint on large sized linen canvas. When she’s not catching some proverbial Big Fish, you’ll probably find her in her daily boxing class or in the swimming pool. She is luckiest doing what she does best, challenging others and herself to perform at their best