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Working with women. You know the drill. Drama. Manipulation. Backstabbing. Gossip. Judgment. Lying. Attacking. Women undermining women on the job.

Not for me. I’m too ambitious for that nonsense. I want to make it in the real world. So please just give me a team of men. No drama. Easy going. No competition. No gossip. Just me, one of the boys. And of course we fight. And then we find a way. No scars. No eternal distrust.

Does that make me a queen bee? Probably. As long as I’m not seen as one of those complaining to be deprived feminists. Not me. I’m not one of them. The overly emotional species of mankind?

That would definitely ruin my career.


I see you. Reading this. Some of you getting very angry with me. Some of you smiling and recognizing the feel.

  • Why is it so complicated for us, women, to simply work together? (we all hate the drama, right?)
  • Why do we, women, have these trust issues towards each other more than towards men? (whom we tend to keep giving new chances even if they have proven to be incompetent time after time)
  • Why are we, women, afraid to show our vulnerability and hesitant to really get to know the other women in the room? (the number one trait that makes us stronger than men in the boardroom btw)
  •  Why do we simply tell the world that we prefer to work with men and by that in fact also tell the world that we, women, are not to be valued equally?

OMG, I must be getting some feminist traits!?! (hope my career survives)

Hope my career survives??

Would that be one of the reasons why? That we are simply distancing us from other women in a response to the potential sexism if we don’t? Or are we truly not trusting each other enough?

And by that not trusting ourselves enough?

Some food for thought!

Want to explore this together? I do!

I have decided to work with women more often. To support them. To unite them. I have decided to be the righteous woman in stead of the queen bee. And why? Because we know for a fact that organizations with more women at an executive level, simply get higher revenues in the end.

So let us be women. Let us give each other opportunities to thrive. And let us trust in our own and by that in each others’ power.

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About the author

Being a certified executive and personal coach, Sofie Varrewaere is associated to the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching team and owner of the global executive coaching practice As a behavioural expert she has many years of experience working with the top layer of several multinational organizations. Her passions include playing her quarter grand piano and messing around with acrylic paint on large sized linen canvas. When she’s not catching some proverbial Big Fish, you’ll probably find her in her daily boxing class or in the swimming pool. She is luckiest doing what she does best, challenging others and herself to perform at their best