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Sometimes I simply don’t know anymore. My life is anything but perfect. Based on my own assessment skills I would say I’m definitely struggling more than average. But then again I might be biased. Sometimes I feel as if I have been fighting for my coaching business for over 5 years now, only to discover that I get to successfully coach my clients to be much more flourishing in work and life than myself. I so desperately want to lead a healthy life and I do invest time and money (and a lot of sweat and even more tears) to do so but my food addiction is always chasing me in the back of my mind. And as a single mom I am tired of bearing all the pedagogical responsibilities on my own. Deciding whether or not to get my daughter that HPV vaccine. Finding a balance between motivating for good results at school and pushing too hard.

A client of mine would say I tend to bear life pretty heavily. I probably do.

Whilst I am writing this I have my vision board for 2018 in front of me. Everything that is important to me and all that I want to achieve this year. Be authentic. Listen more. Inspire others. Maintain true peace of mind in a world of immense uncertainty. Feel my own power. Make deliberate choices. Build a global BigFish brand. Combine my 1-1 coaching with a high level international in-company project. Get my feet in the mud again. Travel. Find love. Be financially independent. Commit to losing weight and to feeling good. Experience something extraordinary every day. Be a loving mom. And definitely sleep more!

There is so much more on the board. My own life plan. Work and life. Short, mid and long term. And then I know. If only I continue to believe in myself, I will eventually feel my own power. If only I keep working towards those – to me – most important things in life, I will maintain a true peace of mind. As long as I keep investing in the things that will bring me there, being authentic, listening more, making deliberate choices. As long as I do that, I will be exactly where I need to be right now. As Marshall Goldsmith said last week during a webinar I attended (being the number one executive coach in the world, he is my absolute role model): “Go out and lead your life. Your own life. Do something that makes a positive difference. Find your own meaning. And don’t get lost in the distraction”.

So even though sometimes I simply don’t know anymore. And even though my life is anything but perfect.

I do know what to do.

Who knows, I might even get to inspire others doing that.

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About the author

Being a certified executive and personal coach, Sofie Varrewaere is associated to the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching team and owner of the global executive coaching practice BigFish4.me. As a behavioural expert she has many years of experience working with the top layer of several multinational organizations. Her passions include playing her quarter grand piano and messing around with acrylic paint on large sized linen canvas. When she’s not catching some proverbial Big Fish, you’ll probably find her in her daily boxing class or in the swimming pool. She is luckiest doing what she does best, challenging others and herself to perform at their best