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Almost funny how it is a recurring topic in almost áll of my conversations this week. How most of us (let’s say the 40+ amongst us) still try to multitask as much as we can even though it has been scientifically proven a failing strategy. How we keep running from one meeting to more back to back meetings without even having the time for a decent break. I have a client that used to attend up to three meetings simultaneously using his laptop, phone and iPad. Speaking about focus. Not to mention combining work with a family holiday ;-). Are you?

Next to that, those same conversations also mention how the labour market is changing at a very fast pace. How millennials, as ambitious as they still are, come up with specific requirements and conditions that guarantee their work-life balance. How they consciously choose nót to work as hard and as many hours as they see their parents do. The future of HR? It is being challenged already. Recognizable?

When coaching, we almost always go back to the most basic principles in life. What do you need to perform at your best? What do you need to create the career and life you desire? How do you unlock your true potential as an executive and as a human being? And what is your personal parameter for success? Overall company revenue? Your income? Your happiness? Your sex life? Your year-end bonus? Your car?

As always, simple and easy are two very different things. In spite of good and clear intentions, falling back into that same multitasking behaviour is easy. A simple rule of (having your assistant) adding a 15 minute margin break between each meeting being broken after a few weeks already. Not to mention going back to the overlapping meetings. Before you know it. And not because you want it. More because you feel you can not nót do it. Responsibilities. Important clients. Deadlines. Back to how it was before. As if you don’t have the permission to do what (you know) you need to do?

Whose permission do YOU need to have the life and career you really aspire?

Just think about it.
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Sofie Varrewaere is the founder of BigFish4.me and a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. After studying a Master in Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences, she ogled into the magical world of Recruitment, Selection and HR Services. Working for the world leader in HR, she has always been in an advisory role in relation to the larger goals of several multinational organizations. In 2013 she started her own company in International executive Coaching. Doing what she is good at, challenging others as well as herself


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