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Last week at an international seminar, one of my colleagues asked me if I named my company BigFish4.me because I am a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW). I have to tell you I was surprised at the least. Never in a million years thought of it. But to be honest, I kept thinking about that remark for a while. And obviously since I am writing about it I still am.

Yes, I am a BBW. Not to say I am proud of it. I just am. I have been all my life. And probably will be till the end, with ups and downs (since jojo is my middle name). And although beating my poor eating habits could be called by far my personal Big Fish, my weight is simply a part of who I am. In coaching, I sometimes joke about it and say I have as much counterbalance to put in my coaching sessions verbally as well as literally. But I do realize I am a lucky one. I never had to deal with any bullying. Was always loved by many. I was never stopped by ‘that number on my weight scale’ to realize my dreams.

But still I see women who are insecure in business because they are not the skinny type. They feel obstructed. Limited in their abilities. Not a glass ceiling but a concrete one. And I realize I shouldn’t speak for women only. There are doubtless many men fighting the same fight. Question is, does this feeling of limitation come from within? Or are these so-called restrictions imposed from the outside?

Does being big damage the executive presence? If the latter is true, that means one could be more successful if he/she loses the weight?

I am aware of the fact I am touching a sensitive topic here. And of course it would be healthier. So that’s not my point here. On that we agree. But in my humble opinion that also counts for those who quit smoking, stop skipping sleep or no longer take their daily overdose of caffeine.

I would love to hear your thoughts.
If you dare.

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Sofie Varrewaere is the founder of BigFish4.me. After studying a Master in Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences, she ogled into the magical world of Recruitment, Selection and HR Services. Working for the world leader in HR, she has always been in an advisory role in relation to the larger goals of several multinational organizations. In 2013 she started her own company in International executive Coaching. Doing what she is good at, challenging others as well as herself.

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