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Whether you are reading this in a more or less abandoned Office or drinking a Mojito whilst feeling the sand between your toes, with this summer-edition of my blog I hope to inspire you to take some time off work to really reflect upon yourself.

As an executive, most of us are spending lots of time and effort coaching our people and teams. Motivating, inspiring, mentoring, tutoring, … All important aspects of your job as a leader. Some of us even find it difficult to let go all of these responsibilities during our summer break, being available 24/7 even abroad with family or friends (for those who are drinking that Mojito right now, yes you are caught).

But why not take some time off to coach yourself?

Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself. Questions that can help you set the right goals and priorities, maybe even break some patterns or unfortunate habits. Motivate and inspire yourself and visualise success in those domains important to you as a person.

For this I am using the Enneagram as a process model, in which every process that renews itself can be placed. It enables you to see clearly where you are right now, where you want to go and which route you have to take to get there. It gives insight in your current position and gives you a proverbial coat hanger to reach your goals.

Take a pen and paper, or just answer following 4 questions in your head.

(1) What are the issues you face right now?
I am sure whilst answering this first question, you are already thinking of possible goals and ways to get there, but limit yourself for now to just appoint the several issues. These can be personal or professional or a combination of both.

(2) What is the most important issue for you to solve?
Does the same issue recur over and over again? Is there an underlying pattern? At this point you will become aware of the major issue. Don’t worry if it scares you, only now you can set your personal goal and explore the ways to get there.

(3) How will your life look like if you are able to tackle this issue?
You now have an idea of your biggest personal goal (your big fish to catch!). Whether it is work-related or not, I am convinced that reaching that goal will always have a positive influence on your efficiency as an executive. Agree?

(4) What can help you find a new perspective?
Write down some general ideas on how to uncover the blind spots. You can only let go of your old habits, by really doing something about it. So action is needed to make a change. Hiring a Coach, reading a book or talking to others, …

Answering these 4 questions is only a starting point. We constantly need to make conscious choices. Instead of projecting our problems on other people, we have to take responsibility for our own actions and wellbeing. If not, falling back into old habits is easy, especially when, in a few weeks, pressure and expectations are raising again. Summertime doesn’t last forever.

For now, enjoy the Mojito!

Questions or remarks? Feel free to comment!

Sofie Varrewaere is the founder of After studying a Master in Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences, she ogled into the magical world of Recruitment, Selection and HR Services. Working for the world leader in HR, she has always been in an advisory role in relation to the larger goals of several multinational organizations. In 2013 she started her own company in International executive Coaching. Doing what she is good at, challenging others as well as herself.